How Can Dropbox Business Help in the Event of a Ransomware Attack?

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Ransomware; “A type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid” One of the latest and and most prolific malware threats used by cyber criminals comes in the form of Ransomware. As defined above, cyber criminals will attempt to compromise your data, files, or entire computer by enticing users to perform an unintended action. Consequently, the result is the unintentional downloading of a virus or link to a poisonous website. Upon acceptance, the gates to your data have been unlocked and full access to the cyber criminals granted; the attack has now been launched and your computer – together with its contents – can be  held hostage! Ransomware has the … Read More

Cyber Security: Does my business need it?

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According to the BBC, fraud and cybercrime is costing the country an estimated £193bn a year and has consequently taken the top spot in the league of the most costly criminal activity in the UK, crippling the justice system and draining our resources. It might be big corporates such as Sony and Talk Talk making headlines following cyber attacks but criminals are looking towards easier targets and attacking the more vulnerable and ill-prepared SMEs. According to Government statistics SME’s were asked about their position on cyber security and many respondents concluded that they: Don’t feel they are at risk. Don’t think they can afford security. Don’t know where to start when it comes to security. Is my business at risk? … Read More