Dropbox announce some exciting new features for Dropbox Business admins

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Employees want a single, convenient place to work together, one that’s accessible by internal and external collaborators alike. IT needs visibility and control over how company information is shared, ensuring that the right people have the right access to content. The new team folder delivers on both, centralising file collaboration and providing the security businesses need.

Team folders empower IT with the ability to:

  • Control collaboration with granular permissions: Enhanced sharing controls let admins manage membership at the team folder or sub-folder level—and grant people inside and outside the company access to only the specific folders they need.
  • Centralize content management: With the team folder manager, admins can view all their team folders from a single tab. This makes it easy to customize sharing policies to prevent mis-sharing of confidential materials.
  • Manage sync settings at scale: Sync management lets admins control what content automatically syncs to company computers, simplifying onboarding and saving precious hard drive space.

If you or your business is already using Dropbox please get in touch to discuss how a move to Dropbox Business could be of benefit.

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